Thousands more San Antonio students headed back to school Monday

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — School has started for several school districts in the area, but several more will head back to school this week.

Alamo Heights ISD and East Central ISD are set to begin the 2022-2023 school year on Monday, and then San Antonio ISD and Medina Valley ISD will launch the new school year on Tuesday.

Floresville ISD and Judson ISD start classes on Wednesday.

Several more school districts in the San Antonio area will start classes next week.

Texas DPS is urging you to be aware of the extra traffic as thousands more students make their way back to the classroom. It is also important to stay clear of crosswalks when stopped at red lights or stop signs. There will be many students of all ages either walking or riding their bike to school.

Stopped school buses will act as a mobile stop sign when its red signals are on, although you do not have to stop if your car is separated from a stopped school bus by a barrier or intervening space.

Passing a school bus illegally could cost you $1,250 and that citation cannot be dismissed through defensive driving.