BEXAR COUNTY, Tex. (KTSA News) — Three Mexican citizens were arrested as part of a federal methamphetamine and heroin distribution operation in San Antonio and South Texas.

Federal prosecutors say 27-year-old Daisy Menera and 22-year-old Jose Alejandre-Navarro were arrested in Houston; 46-year-old Manuel Montoya was arrested in San Angelo.

These three people, along with three others, are accused of being involved in an organization led by 47-year-old Marco Morales-Perez that coordinated and distributed over 80 kilograms of methamphetamine from Mexico to San Antonio and other parts of southern Texas from June 2018 and February 2020.  Morales-Perez is accused of coordinating these deliveries by using cell phones while being locked away at a prison in Oklahoma.

“The idea that Mexican nationals can sell poison to Texans using drones and smuggled cell phones while serving time in a U.S. prison should worry us all. As transnational criminal organizations become more sophisticated, law enforcement must be given the support, tools, and resources to stop them. Thanks to the combined efforts of our partners in the DEA, FBI, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, and the San Antonio Police Department, these defendants will now be held accountable,” stated U.S. Attorney Gregg Sofer.

If convicted, all six defendants face between ten years and life in federal prison.

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