Thursday is National Candy Corn Day

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — It seems having a civil discussion on certain topics is nearly impossible.

Politics, sure to start an argument. Religion? That will always end with a Bible quote off.

But when Halloween rolls around, the great  candy corn debate returns.

Some people love it, others loathe it and many wonder if it comes form the same factory that produces Play-doh.

The familiar white, orange and yellow kernels of tooth decay have actually been around for more than 100 years.

Created by George Renninger, who was an employee at the Goelitz Candy Company in the late 1800’s.

It’s basically a combination of corn syrup, sugar, honey, confectioner’s wax and several food dyes like Red 3 and Yellow 5.

Whether or not the seasonal sweet is tasty or not isn’t the only candy corn related debate.

The National Confectioners Association did a study to break down how Americans who do like them eat them.

58% believe you should just eat the whole piece of candy corn at once.

Then you have those with a more strategic approach to candy corn consumption.

28% believe it’s best to start with the narrow, white end.

13% start with the yellow end.

Candy corn is popping up at other holidays as well including Christmas and Easter.

If the original has never appealed to your sweet tooth, candy corn comes in other flavors including peppermint and of course…pumpkin spice.

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