The Green New Deal warriors with rhetoric that made MSNBC hosts swoon sure are something else now.

As we hit a new record high average price pump today, Team Biden is reportedly going to beg Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to produce and sell us more oil.

Apparently it’s only “fossil fuel” when it’s drilled for by Americans, in America.

I get tired of saying it, but a big part of the Biden appeal to centrist Democrats and independents was all his foreign policy “seasoning”.

If you bought that version of events, I hope you kept your receipt. This is the worst bungling of our survival and interests that I’ve seen yet.

The arrogance of the “adults back in charge” has yielded to sending guys like Blinken around to beg for help. Help for them, not for us.

They campaigned like tigers, but they govern on the world stage like kittens.


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