To KTSA’s listeners: We have felt your pain. Literally.
Good morning San Antonio!
We will be back on the air this morning after a series of critical technical difficulties the past few days. While we continue to get back to full power, we will only be heard on 107.1 FM.
KTSA and its sister stations have all been subjected to the same rotating outages that you and your neighbors have been battling since early Monday morning. In a time like this, we would normally switch over to our generator that powers all of our offices, networks, and our 550 signal. We tap into the generator once a week to make sure it works. Monday afternoon, the generator also failed due to a mechanical issue brought on by the freezing temperatures. This failure, plus the rotating outages, knocked all of our signals off the air as well as our entire internal network infrastructure. And lights. And the heat. You get the idea.
Since Monday afternoon, we have worked to try to rig our generator to bypass the problem (which failed), get a replacement part for the impacted area of the generator (the weather situation complicated that), worked to find other immediate resolutions to the power problem (that also failed), before locating a generator we could rent on short notice. We also hijacked 102.7 Jack FM‘s ice cream truck to give us a little more juice. Who is eating ice cream in this weather anyway?
The rental generator arrived Tuesday, but is only sufficient enough to operate a handful of equipment. It is enough to get our content from our Eisenhauer Avenue studios to our 107.1 FM transmitter atop the Tower of the Americas — which still has power there. It is not enough juice, though, to use for our 550 AM transmitter.
There is a LOT of work left to do behind the scenes to rebuild all that was damaged from the series of power failures and our team is working very hard to get everything corrected. Between this and power issues our hosts have been battling in their own homes — just like you — things may sound a bit different for a few days. We may also communicate with you in ways that may be unconventional compared to what you are used to. But just know that like you, we are all busting our tails to rebuild so we can talk to you — our beloved listeners and neighbors — as soon as possible.
We appreciate your patience. We have a LOT to talk about!