Amazing. Unbelievable. Uncanny.

All words used on the internet to describe the fantastic job former Cowboy QB Tony Romo did as analyst for the Pats/Chiefs game.

Tony has that ability which comes from years of reading defensive “keys” to know what play the offense is going to run. He says it, and boom the offense runs it.

Tony was perfect Sunday night. He couldn’t miss. And it was entertaining!

Even more entertaining was his enthusiasm. Tony was thrilled to be there. He sounded like the proverbial kid in the candy store. He couldn’t get enough, and it came across.

Enthusiasm is so contagious. Tony’s exuberance left us all wanting more and more.

No matter what you thought of him as QB, it is hard to deny he is the best voice in football television today. He’s even much better than his Cowboy predecessor, Troy Aikman.

His Super Bowl work will be  a treat for fans this year.

Check out this sample of Tony predicting plays.

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