Weather Alert

‘Tornader’ ruins ‘Angry Grandma’ weather reporter’s date night plans

Editor’s note: Language may be too strong for some audiences.

Forget all about the chance for a tornado coming through town.

A woman in a video posted on Twitter Tuesday shows her in a bad mood after the expected weather put a damper on her date plans.

“Hey, this is Angry Grandma with another weather report,” she starts off in her video.  “It’s raining like hell, it’s hot, it’s shit, it’s humid and there’s a slight chance of a tornader.”

That’s when the forecast ended and turned her attention to her love life.

“Tonight, my plans got canceled.  I had a date, but he’s too chicken shit to drive in the fucking rain and I was planning on getting me some sausage.  So I am actually pissed the fuck off and I’m going in the fucking house.”

She then does a mic drop — well, tosses her tub of chips and umbrella — before she walked back inside.

Of course, that’s not her only weather report she’s done.  She actually has a whole demo reel for interested parties.

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