Trey Ware: After Chick-fil-A This Is The Next Obvious Question

San Antonio has made international headlines for banning one of the finest fast food companies in the world from obtaining a city contract.

But, this is NOT about a chicken sandwich.

There is an obvious question to ask anytime government begins prohibiting the free exchange of business based on statements made by company leaders, or it’s corporate charitable giving.

Who’s next?

That’s because once it begins it never ends.

Clearly, this is one of the reasons why our founding fathers wrote the first amendment to the constitution.

Take a moment and re-read it now.

We are living in times in our nation when our leaders either don’t know history, or if they do, they are willing to use their knowledge to limit the freedom of fellow citizens.

History is littered with the corpses of people who believed ideologies, and who donated to causes, with which their political leaders disagreed.

In every instance the oppression began with a government edict proclaiming the entity to be persona non grata for the “good of our society as a whole.”

Eventually, the banning of business turns into banning of individuals, imprisonment, and even death.

Too harsh? Can’t happen here?

You need to study history.

So what is the next business that will run afoul of our political leadership for expressing a belief or supporting a cause which the state disagrees?




Insert your company here….

We may not know the answer to that question, but one thing is for sure.

Now that they know they can get away with it – there will be more.

Political oppression moves in only one direction, towards even more oppression.

So, who’s next?

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