Trey Ware: Another Prima Donna Loses His Mind

UFC mega-star Conor McGregor was arrested recently for allegedly slapping a fan’s phone from his hand, stomping on it, and then taking it with him as he walked away.

What a stupid little baby reaction.

I’ve had it with these celebrities who choose, (it’s only VERY rare that someone is forced into the limelight against their will), to be in the public eye, and then freak out when their fans want to take their picture.

I’ve been around prima donnas like him all my life. They beg for attention, and then when they get it they pitch a fit.

It’s dumb, dumb, dumb.

Hey Conor, quit being a baby and man up. You chose a career that put you in the spotlight, and you have reaped the financial rewards thereof. If a fan who helped make you wealthy wants a picture you need to oblige, or just shut up and go away.

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