Speaking in Winnipeg, Canada yesterday, former President Barack Obama said the world is in “challenging times,” but he remains optimistic because he and Michelle are going to train a million young people to be just like them.

While speaking about his Obama Foundation, the former President told the huge crowd at the Bell MTSA Place arena how he plans to create a “university for social change” for young people who have had it with “old institutions.”

Mr. Obama said he will train young people, and give them the skills they need to “carry forward the solutions that we so desperately need” in the world today.

He went on to boldly proclaim, “If we can train a million Baracks and Michelles…hope is achievable.”

Do you agree with the former President? Will a million Baracks and Michelles offer the “hope” the world so desperately needs? Will one million clones of the former first couple fix the problems of the world?

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