It appears as though Mayoral Candidate Greg Brockhouse’s release of his “Action Plan SA” proposals have not moved the needle for local opinion writers.

At the Express News, Gilbert Garcia says the Brockhouse plan offers “broad suggestions but few substantive ideas.”

Garcia says the “proclamations sound bigger than its deliverables.”

And finally Garcia says, “Brockhouse is trying to persuade local Democrats on the South and West Sides who are lukewarm about Nirenberg, but nervous about Brockhouse.”

You can read Gilbert Garcia’s column here.

Meanwhile, Robert Rivard at the Rivard Report says Brockhouse “is generating more policy paper than a Washington think tank,” and the challenger “stole the spotlight from Mayor Ron Nirenberg last week.”

Rivard says Brockhouse “is not showing voters his cards on the long standoff with the union that he once worked for…”

And Mr. Rivard warns voters that “until Brockhouse shares his plan, if he has one, with voters, don’t believe a word of “Action Plan SA.”

Read Robert Rivard here.

Neither seem convinced or impressed by Mr. Brockhouse’s “Action Plan SA.”

What about you? Are you ready to make a change in the Mayor’s office, or will you stick with the current direction SA is headed?

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