TREY WARE: Is Manuel Medina Telling The Truth?

You be the judge.

Video is all over the internet showing men in uniform on motorcycles with lights and sirens full-on, blocking traffic, and escorting people in cars.

In one clip an “officer” says they are doing several events like this for candidate Medina.

These events are clearly not funerals as people were seen hanging out of the cars with Medina for Mayor signs as they drove along honking their horns.

In his Express News article, Brian Chasnoff claims the “officers” were escorting voters to an early voting site at UTSA.

Candidate Medina told KSAT cameras, “Since I’ve been chairman of the Democrat Party, we’ve had caravans and we have hired private escorts....we’re not using city employees.” (emphasis mine)

However, it has been confirmed by SAPD that at least one SAPD officer was on a motorcycle during the escort. He can be clearly seen in the video footage.

Chasnoff names Oscar O’Connor as the SAPD officer.

Apparently, he was wearing an SAPD uniform while performing the escort, and while he may have been off-duty during the escort, he apparently is still employed by the city.

Chief McManus says he is looking into it.

City rules says city employees are a no-go in political campaigns. The Texas Government Code is clear about this issue too. No officer in uniform can play politics.

Medina says he only hires “private” security for these “caravans,” something, he says, he has done for years.

The Chief AND Mr. Medina will be on my show this morning to answer questions about this story.

Parting shot – a political caravan is a terrible reason to use lights and sirens to block traffic regardless of whether it’s SAPD or a “private” security firm.

Especially from a candidate who has promised to solve San Antonio’s traffic problems – not make them worse.

Shot #2 – Some Medina supporters say they don’t care if he used SAPD and didn’t tell the truth about it. They claim this story is another example of “the establishment” trying to take down SA’s version of Trump.

What do you think?



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