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Welcome back from the Labor Day weekend. Hope you had a good one.

Here are a few of the stories which made news while you were chillin’. Let’s dive in.

The FBI followed an old Clinton technique of dumping documents on a Friday before a long holiday weekend knowing they will receive little discussion.

The Friday Hillary Dump included FBI agents’ interview with Hillary and it reveals she suffered memory lapses all throughout.

She “could not recall” on more than 35 occasions.

Also, she was told by her doctors to only work a few hours each day due to her health.

I wonder if this video of her most recent coughing fit on Labor Day in Cleveland fits into that in any way.

It’s very interesting that someone who has been inside DC since the late 60’s, and someone who was First Lady, Senator on the Intelligence Committee and Armed Services Committee, served as Secretary of State, and now Presidential candidate cannot recall receiving a security clearance.

It’s hard to believe she didn’t know what certain classified markings meant. She’s been around way too long for her to not know. Hillary’s bunch is relying of the gullibility of the American voter.

She claimed to use only one mobile device, but we learned she used at least 13 and had them destroyed with hammers when she was finished.

Hillary claims she didn’t know drone strike info was classified.

Another 17,448 work-related emails were uncovered Friday. Tens of thousands have now been found since she said she turned over ALL work-related emails.

Three weeks after the New York Times printed a story about her home-brew server, her staff began to furiously delete emails.

More lawsuits are pending which means more Hillary dumps are coming.

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In other news…

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte now says he regrets calling President Obama a “Son of a bitch.”

Piers Morgan tried to bully a 12 year-old big-game hunter. She and her father were having none of that.

This clown thing needs to stop – NOW. ┬áPolice in North and South Carolina are receiving reports of creepy clown sightings. They are asking residents to call police if they see a man in white overalls, white gloves, big red shoes, red bushy hair, and a big red nose.

Should be hard to spot.

No need to mention the jobs report. Obama’s economy is still sucking wind.

That’s all – for now. Stay connected…



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