Everyday your kids are hit with so much negativity. It’s everywhere. From criticism from their peers to social pressure to become someone they may not feel comfortable being.

It is very cool they have someone like Tim Tebow as encouragement.

Every challenge he has faced. Every time someone told him he was not any good. Every critic who has sniped at him because of his faith. Tim Tebow smiles, and proves them wrong.

And he is about to do it again.

Major League Baseball insiders say he has a very good chance of being called up to majors for the Mets.

How does he continue to persevere in the face of all the negativity? How does he press on even when so many oppose him?

He says it’s all about Who he allows to define him.

Tim doesn’t let the naysayers and critics get to him because, he says, only God defines who he is.

Watch this 90 second video – and share it with someone. It’s so powerful, and just might be what they need right now.

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