Trey Ware: The Insanity Is In The Mail

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The insanity is in the mail. See if you can relate.

On the way home you stop and get your snail mail, and as you flip through the envelopes you see it.

Your eyes briefly stare at the address on the upper left corner, and immediately you feel every negative emotion known to humankind.

Your stomach twists into knots. Your heart beats a little faster.

Your property appraisal has arrived, and you already know the news is not good even before you see the numbers.

You rip the envelope open and find the number.

And now – the anger.

There is no way in this world, or the one to come, that your property value increased by that amount.

Sure, you take great care of your place, and boy it shows. You’re proud as heck of your home and property, but you know there is no way you could sell it for what the appraisers say it’s worth.

It’s a scam and a sham.

And now it’s a hassle because you know what lies ahead. Hours of your time working up a case, gathering facts and figures, and rehearsing what you will say when you waste a day to go sit in a cubicle with someone who has the power to decide how much property tax you must ultimately pay.

More of your hard-earned dollars taken from your family and retirement plan to go the state to use as they will.

This insanity must stop.

Lawmakers say they recognize the fact that Texas property owners are tapped out, and they are working on property and school tax reform.

It’s involved and complicated, and so I invited Governor Abbott on the show Friday to explain the various proposals.

You can listen to that interview here.

In the meantime, Gov. Abbott has asked that you send me your questions on property tax reform so he can answer them on my show soon.

Feel free to send your questions to me here.

By the way, I am very familiar with the emotions listed above because I received our property tax appraisal last week.

And the insanity continues….



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