The 2020 Democrat candidate who is running on a cultural appropriation platform because his dad gave him the nickname “Beto” just “in case he got into politics in a border state someday,” is making headlines.

Now comes the news that Robert Francis O’Rourke was a member of a hacker organization, and he reportedly wrote fiction fantasises about running over children with a car because they “were too happy about life.”

How sick.

In another example of media bias, and how they are controlled by the Democrat party, the author/journalist who discovered O’Rourke’s membership in this club made a deal with the candidate to keep it quiet while he was running against Cruz. The word the media uses is “embargo.”

Also, the writer asked, but never could get an answer from O’Rourke about whether or not he may have engaged in credit card fraud as other members of the hacking group allegedly did in order to pay for their computer connections.

And now, “Beto” is playing slight of hand with the lives of babies. He was asked if he was for third-trimester abortions. The questioner describe the alternatives such as c-section surgery which disputes the necessity of late-term abortions. “Are you for or against third-trimester abortions?”

The slickster politician answered, “The question is about abortion and reproduction rights. And, my answer to you is, that should be a decision the woman makes. I trust her.”

No sir, that wasn’t the question.

He reframed, and answered the question HE wanted to answer – NOT the one which was asked.

Get used to it. All of it.

He’s a fake and a fraud, and his media supporters are going to help him get away with his fakery.

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