TREY’S BIG BLOG:  Cut It Off…Now

“Simply put, the Obama administration is creating new law outside the bounds of the Constitution, making the kinds of changes only Congress can make,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told reporters as he announced that Texas and 10 other states are suing Obama over his transgender bathroom decree.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick told me the morning Obama announced his order that all public schools in America will allow children to choose which bathroom/locker room/shower they choose, that Texas will defy the order even if it meant losing “federal” money.  Now Governor Abbot, Attorney General Paxton, and Patrick are backing their words up by leading this lawsuit.

The states joining Texas in the suit are Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Utah, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona’s Department of Education, and Maine’s Governor Paul LePage.

Good for them.  They need push back, and a lawsuit is one way of doing it.

Like I’ve said before this isn’t about the people who are playing dress-up.  People are free to live as they choose, and they can wear clothing of the opposite gender if they want.  Most of them are harmless as they live their fantasy life acting as though they are someone other than who God created them to be.  You can’t change your gender, and to suggest you can is to say God screwed up when He made you.  That is putting yourself higher than God, and in a very precarious place indeed.  I’m not too concerned about the make-believers, however I think it is legitimate to be concerned about perverts who may abuse this new Obama directive and film or abuse young girls in the bathroom and shower.

But there is an issue which should concern all Americans.

Did you see the words the Obama-ites used when they announced the policy?  Decree.  Order.  Directive.  Shall.  And failure to comply would bring federal lawsuits against the schools and the loss of federal funding.

Here’s the deal; in a Constitutional Republic the President can’t decree squat.  The only power the feds have is that which the states willingly give to them.  Read the directions, Mr. President.  You will find them in the 10th amendment.  It says – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  The states and the people are supposed to run the show.   This is not a monarchy.  We have no king who issues edicts nor to make decrees.

In my view this is not about “transgender” people being treated fairly.  Obama doesn’t care about them.  No, for him this is a means to an end.  He is attempting to place himself and the federal government between citizens and their duly-elected representative members on school boards and in state houses all across the fruited plain.  He wants himself and the feds to be the ultimate authority in the lives of all Americans.

Ponder this – are you a sovereign citizen, or a subject of the king?

A lawsuit is a decent place to start, and 11 states is impressive, but it’s not enough.  A bolder move is needed.  Kings don’t concern themselves too much with lawsuits because they control the courts.

To really be effective in this pushback the states must remove the only stick the federal government has – money.  Remember how the feds are threatening the schools with loss of federal funding?  Cute idea, but where does the federal government get it’s money?  Bingo – from the people.  Where do the people reside?  Right again – in the various states.

If the leaders of these states want to get the king’s attention they will immediately cease all payments to Washington.  Stand up and say that we will not allow our tax money to be used to beat us into submission.  We will not be blackmailed with our own money.

Sound harsh?  Let me ask you, do you think Obama cared how it sounded when he “decreed” this “order?”

Turn it around on them.  Tell the feds to butt out of our kid’s bathrooms or we are going to cut off THEIR funding.  Cut off the money supply now to force the rebalancing of power.  Otherwise get used to the idea of living as a subject of the crown.



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