Trey’s Big Blog – My Dad

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me how my dad is doing.  After nearly 60 years in the spotlight in San Antonio media he has been mostly out of public view since his retirement from KTSA a few years ago.

I’m happy to say he is doing well, and with the exception of sight and hearing issues he is happy and healthy.  I hope I can get with him soon to do a Facebook video on my page so those who are interested can see and hear from him.

My dad is a very smart man.  He is a futurist and is always thinking about what’s next.  I thank God that He gave my dad that gift because he was able to see the future.   He did everything he could think of to make sure he would have provision so he “wouldn’t be a burden on you kids.”   He made very intelligent financial plans plans which included purchasing proper long-term insurance.

All of his life he was very active in radio, television, acting, auto racing, flying, and on and on, and although his sight and hearing loss has altered his life he’s still a go getter.  He meets with friends over meals everyday, and every Sunday you will find him at the front door of his church in his role as greeter. 

The past several years have had their challenges as I’m sure any of you who have aging parents can understand.  His positive attitude is a huge help to the family as we fit his care into our daily lives. 

Dad’s wisdom and example have taught me so much about honor and how to be a man of integrity.  Watching the transformation of his life has also been a learning experience on preparedness 101.  I’ve learned that no matter how you plan your life sometimes life will throw you a major league curve ball.  Being prepared for anything is a must. 

Nancy and I have ongoing conversations about our future, and we are learning about what to plan for by seeing how my dad has handled the challenges in his life.  She and I are trying to think of everything, but I’m sure when it’s our turn at bat we will face a curve ball or two.

Thank you, Dad for teaching us so much.  We continue to learn from your outstanding living example.  We love you.



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