TREY’s Morning Musings

Here are some quick thoughts on what’s making news for January 9, 2017:

Cowboys and Pack

I cheered for the Packers yesterday thinking I would rather see them than NY in Dallas this weekend. Now I’m not so sure. The Rodgers/Cobb combo was strong. Go COWBOYS! Btw – the officiating in the NFL this year has stunk. Too much inconsistency. It won’t cut it. Time to make the officials full-time professionals. They need to quit their day jobs and devote all their attention to their NFL job.

Hollywood Snowflakes

The newest comedy out of Hollywood is all the actors who keep crying over the Trump win. It’s very amusing.

Fort Lauderdale Shooter

Pure terrorism. 100% no question about it. Google the alleged killer’s picture with the scarf and one-finger salute. Tells ya all you need to know. My stance on these attacks is they are terrorism until proven otherwise.

Truck Attack In Israel

Looks like ISIS struck Israeli troops by driving a truck over them. This is one of the terror group’s fave tactics. Remember Ohio State a few weeks ago, or Nice, France last summer? This is what happens when you embolden Israel’s enemies with UN resolutions meant to delegitimize Israel.

Russian Hacking

THE political story of the year – so far. The left carried out their plan to destabilize the US democracy by calling into question the validity of our elections. They blamed Russia with a made up story of how they “hacked” our elections which gave the impression that Russia changed votes from Hillary to Trump. The perpetrators of this story did so for 2 primary reasons – 1) To delegitimize Trump’s win and his presidency. 2) To expand federal power over our election system. The feds will now control all elections by calling them “critical infrastructure.”

Constitutional Carry in Texas?

Yes, yes, and yes. It’s a God-given right enumerated in the US Constitution. Period. That ends the debate. Get ready for the cry-baby anti-gun left to scream and holler about the OK Coral, shootouts on the streets, blood as high as horses ears, dead bodies everywhere, etc., etc., etc.. They made the same claims in the 90’s over concealed carry. Never happened. They repeated last session about open-carry and campus-carry. Again, didn’t happen. Won’t stop them from bringing it back. They are so predictable.

More Jobs Coming To US

Is it the Trump effect? Today, Fiat announced they are ramping up production in the US. The move should bring at least 2,000 more jobs. Anyone keeping score yet? The number keeps growing.

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