TREY’s TAKE: 100,000 Signatures Is Nothing To Sneeze At

The Firefighters Association representatives delivered more than 100,000 signatures to the City Clerk for certification last week.

There are three proposed changes to the city charter on the line.

If accepted by voters, these changes to the charter would make it much easier for citizens to challenge just about every decision the City Council makes through referendum.

But the real biggie, the one that is likely drawing the most petition signers, is the part about the City Manager.

One of the charter changes would cap the City Manager’s salary, and how long he/she can serve in office.

Like her or not, there is a massive anti-Scully and her big salary movement going on in San Antonio.

Residents and tax payers feel helpless – like they have no voice and no recourse.

Remember the statue? Many citizens feel like that was a done deal before the public meetings ever happened.

In today’s world, people simply don’t want an agenda-driven government who has a “plan”, and who is hellbent on shoving said “plan” into place regardless of tax payer desires.

Citizens want to have their say. They are woke and pushing back.

I’m not sure the politicos downtown realize how big this is.

A recent article in the Express by Brian Chasnoff seemed to play it off as coming from “The most hard-core agitators….far from the typical residents. Unlike the vast majority of San Antonians, many are so steeped in a politics of conspiracy, grievance and hate toward city government, it’s no wonder they’ve embraced Steele’s belligerent campaign.”

Chasoff starts the column by saying, “The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association wants you to distrust, resent and despise your city government.”

Although I don’t know the “agitators” he mentions in his article, I do hear from “every day” citizens who are fed up. They already, “distrust, resent and despise city government.”

And not just city government. All government.

If the city leaders are brushing this off as some “campaign of kooks” they might want to reconsider that position. I don’t know how big this movement is, but 100,000 signatures is nothing to sneeze at.



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