TREY’s TAKE: Does The Alamo Story Need To Be “Reimagined”?

If you listened to my show yesterday you heard a lot of discussion about the plan to remove the Cenotaph from in front of the Alamo to a burial park a few blocks away.

The Cenotaph is that large stone structure erected nearly 100 years ago to honor the men who gave their lives defending the Alamo. Their names and likenesses are depicted on the memorial.

Overwhelmingly, our listeners, and those who commented on the Facebook page, are strongly opposed to moving the Cenotaph.

So what really is going on with the Alamo?

According to former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, the plan to “Reimagine” the Alamo will de-emphasize the battle and shift the focus to the overall history of the mission.

Patterson thinks that is “crazy.”

Some believe the battle artifacts will end up in the basement of a museum across the street from the Alamo.

Current Land Commissioner George P. Bush responded to an open records request for the names of the nonprofit entities behind the project by stating that while his office is cooperating with open records requests, the names of the backers are not subject to the law, and he prefers to keep them under wraps.



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