TREY’s TAKE: Another Traditional Institution Falls To The Radical Left

The agenda of the radical left is to kill off traditional American values. That’s why they teach revisionists history to our impressionable youth who don’t know any better. That’s why they threaten politicians until they remove statues. That’s why they use violence to kill free and opposition speech at universities.

The radical left are the real fascists. They want all of society to live by their rules, and if you don’t you are an hateful racist woman hater.

These man-bun wearing radicals hate traditional American values.

Their agenda attacked the NFL and today it is in decline.

Yesterday, they successfully took another step in the process which will kill off the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts was always a place for boys to be with other boys to be mentored by men to learn how to beĀ men.

That concept is violently offensive to the Berkeley crowd.

The radical left says it is bigoted for boys to have their own time and space to be with other boys.

In their twisted thinking they think it is discrimination for boys to want to have an exclusive club with other boys.

Here’s some truth for you: Sometimes guys just want guy time.

Oh the horror! Gasp! Gnashing of teeth!

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t about girls getting the same opportunity as boys. This is not about righting discrimination against girls.

This is more of the radical left’s war on traditional American values.

Bye Bye Boy Scouts.




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