TREY’s TAKE: Beautiful Kate Steinle is dead and Zarate will again be released – to seek sanctuary in San Francisco.


Sanctuary cities and open borders policy resulted in the death of an innocent, beautiful US citizen named Kate Steinle.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, whose alias at the time of Steinle’s death was Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, was found not guilty of her murder in a case that sparked a nationwide debate about sanctuary cities.

In July 2015, Steinle was walking with her daddy in San Francisco. Minding her own business. Site-seeing with family.

San Francisco is the most liberal city in the USA, and a city which prides itself on their disdain for US immigration law.

Zarate had been deported FIVE times, and was wanted for a SIXTH deportation when officials in San Francisco let him out of jail. Zarate had multiple felony convictions, and ICE had contacted authorities and asked them to hold him for deportation. San Francisco refused to honor the request, and Zarate was released.

Zarate’s attorneys argued Zarate found the gun and was holding it when it fired all by itself.

The jury bought it.

Whether Zarate murdered Steinle in cold blood by shooting her in the back, or the gun somehow fired itself, the end result is the same.

Beautiful Kate Steinle is dead, and Zarate will again be released – to seek sanctuary in San Francisco.



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