TREY’s TAKE: Blame Somebody! It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Correct

Social media can be a very dark and ugly place.

Case in point – within hours of the news that a two-year-old boy had been grabbed by an alligator at a lake near Disney World, social media was flooded with people blaming everyone in sight.

First the parents. It must be their fault because they were not paying attention to their two-year-old son. Parents don’t watch their kids anymore, exclaimed the Bookfaces. After all, we have all seen examples of children running roughshod throughout stores, restaurants, and gorilla cages at the zoo. The parents vacationing in Florida must’ve been neglectful too, exclaimed the brave social media commentators.

Never mind the official account which said the boy was walking WITH HIS FATHER in water that was a few inches deep and only a foot off the shore.

No, the facts don’t matter – we must extract our pound of flesh, and do it with all the righteous indignation we can muster!

Obviously that’s what grieving parents need in the moments after they learn of their child’s death.


The world’s most perfect parents were all over Facebook and Twitter exclaiming what happened in Florida would never happen to their child because they would never let them near that water.

Spare me.

Some turned their wrath on Disney.

Why would Disney allow alligators into a lake near their resort???

Now that’s brilliant! Everyone knows it must be Disney’s fault that alligators exist in a lake in Florida!


Well then it’s Disney’s fault because they didn’t have signs up that read “Beware! alligators!” The “No Swimming” signs aren’t sufficient, some said.

And on and on it goes.

Finally blame fell on the alligator itself. Somehow the alligator should have known that the two-year-old was human and not a bird, raccoon, or possum.

I suggest since the boy’s body was found intact the alligator must have realized that fact.

I know this will come as a shock to some, but sometimes events occur and no one is to blame. That’s called life. Get used to it.

I think Facebook and Twitter need signs that read “Beware! Blame culture in operation here!”



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