TREY’s TAKE: Can Trump Win ‘Em Over?

There’s been an lot of talk about Donald Trump and his support, and lack thereof, from the evangelical Christian community.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. was one of Trump’s earliest supporters.  For his support, Falwell has received both praise and condemnation from religious conservatives and evangelicals.  His detractors question how it is that a man who is the leader of one of the world’s largest Christian ministries and most revered conservative universities can support someone who has been “married multiple times,” someone who “acts like a bully,” and a man who says “ I drink my little wine and have my little cracker…I am asking forgiveness.”


The Donald’s lifestyle and words have caused serious heartburn for some in the Christian community.

Trump is a smart man and knew he was struggling with conservative Christians, so he hosted a meeting for evangelical leaders this week where he told them “I’m on your side.  I’m a tremendous believer.”

Some came out of the meeting asking, “a believer in what and who?”  Others who were in attendance like James Dobson and former congresswoman Michelle Bachmann were more positive and signed on to Trump’s evangelical advisory panel saying they may have differences with him on some issues, but he’s so much better than Hillary Clinton.

That speaks to one of the questions facing evangelical Christians this year; do you swallow hard and vote for Trump even though he may not line up with all of your Christian beliefs, or do you sit it out and take the chance that President Hillary will rule?

Oh, and I’ve heard from several folks who are upset about the above picture.  Look over Mrs. Falwell’s shoulder at the men’s magazine cover on Trump’s wall.  Some are upset and are asking why a follower of Jesus would have that on his wall?

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