TREY’s TAKE: Is City Manager Sculley Too Powerful?

Is City Manager Sheryl Sculley making too much money?

Should there be a better performance review process for the City Manager?

Are the lines blurred between creating policy (the duty of the City Council) and the implementation of policy (the City Managers’ job)?

Is Sheryl Sculley “running” the city through the Mayor, police Chief, and city attorneys?

Has the City Manager amassed too much power?

These are a few of the questions being asked around City Hall.

Councilman Greg Brockhouse (D6) has popped the issue wide open with his call for a more formal review of the City Manager’s job performance.

Apparently, there is no formal documentation or written performance review for the City Manager, and Councilman Brockhouse says “That’s ridiculous….”

As of now, Sheryl Sculley’s performance is a discussion with the Mayor and council members. I can imagine something like this:

“Hey, how do you think the manager is doing?”



“Triple A!”

“Okay then, giver her a raise”

Since 2005, Manager Sculley’s contract has been extended five times with more money and bonuses.

Some are claiming councilman Brockhouse is just making noise ahead of his Mayoral bid.

Others say it’s about time someone in an official capacity had the guts to take on Sculley without slinking away in fear.

Councilman Brockhouse seems to indicate who he believes may really be running the show when he summed it up like this, “The power should always lie with an elected official.”

Here are a couple of closing questions for you to comment on:

Has manager Sculley become too powerful?

Will anything change?



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