TREY’s TAKE: Why The Comey Decision is A Huge Opportunity for Republicans

Outrage. That word best describes the reaction to the FBI Director’s decision to not recommend charges against Hillary in her email scandal. Director Comey spent the first 10 minutes of his 15 minute press conference describing how Hillary broke the law and how she jeopardized national secrets and the lives of those who serve the USA.

Then he spent the final 5 minutes explaining why she didn’t need to be indicted for her lawlessness.

Once again this is a clear example of how the wealthy political ruling elites in the USA live by a different set of rules and standards than Joe and Jane Schmo.

Bill perjured himself under oath and got away with impeachment, and no jail time. Barack has given a middle finger to established law and the constitution and was re-elected. Hillary leads our nation into war in Benghazi and lies to the faces of the victims faces when we suffer a terrorist attack due to her bumbling and mishandling of foreign policy, and is rewarded with the Democrat Presidential nomination.

Now she gets a pass for breaking the law while Secretary of State.

Or does she?

Is it possible that Director Comey didn’t do queen Hillary any favors by letting her off the hook? Did Bill, Loretta, Hillary, and Barack miscalculate the outrage when they rigged the outcome on a plane in Phoenix?

Hillary is damaged goods which makes this a huge opportunity for Republicans. Will the Republicans jump on this and make sure the world knows it?

This just may be an answer to Republicans’ prayers.



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