TREY’s TAKE: My Debate Notes

From my ragged yellow legal pad – my notes on last night’s debate:

-BIG QUESTION: Did Trump do anything to move new people into his column? Both candidates have solid bases. Neither did anything that would have sent their hard-core supporters packing. Trump needed to attract new bodies. Did he do that?

-The question isn’t whether Donald Trump will accept the results of the election – it’s whether the American people will. Remember AL Gore? John Kerry? Both are Democrats who challenged close elections. It’s like the head coach throwing the red flag. Let’s put that last close-call under review.

-There’s “Bad Hombres” in America. That’s true, and many of them live and work in DC. Did you see the Project Veritas video? What’s that “bad hombre” doing visiting the White House 342 times during Obama’s two terms?

-Chris Wallace rocked. We all want to make our dads proud. No doubt he did.

-Is it okay to say “disaster” that many times in one night?

-Or “bigly”?

-Abortion is NOT a right in the Constitution, Madam Secretary.

-You WERE talking open boarders, not energy, Mrs. Clinton. I DID read your entire quote.

-Will anyone challenge her with the facts on the above two lies? Probably not because…

-Numerous tweets from the press room showed members of the media cheering her and jeering Trump.

-This election is still about the “Insiders” vs. the “Outsiders.” The candidates represent two corners of the ring in Vegas. They are sloppy, bloodied, and worn out, but the people standing behind them are still cheering.

-Speaking of worn out, did Trump look exhausted and whooped at the end of the night? Rode hard and put up wet.



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