TREY’s TAKE: By Delaying Trump’s Travel Ban The Courts Are Playing With Fire

Three months, three terror attacks in Great Britain.

Tweets out of the UK say things like;

“We are SICK of hearing these animals are known to authorities and yet nothing gets done.”

“Banned from policing near mosques. Force is colluding with Imams.”

“Get warrants and search the mosques!”

“Pols need to stop pussyfooting around.”

“Round up everyone on the terror watch list and take them off the streets.”

“Search the homes of everyone on watch list.”

“Political correctness for fear of hurting feelings is a deadly virus that has infected the UK.”

“Why don’t all UK police carry firearms?”

And there are many thousands more just like these.

The people of the UK have awakened to a terrible reality. Their country has been invaded by extremists who want to kill anyone considered an “infidel.”

Authorities say approximately 23,000 such radical Islamic terrorists are in the UK, and that it would take a force of about 2 million to monitor them all.

In the US the FBI has said they are actively investigating more that 1,000 terror threats at any one time.

President Donald Trump has asked for a TEMPORARY travel ban on SOME individuals from SIX countries where terrorism is staged and exported. To date this ban has been thwarted by liberal leftist activists judges who wrongly say Trump’s comments on the campaign trail are a factor in their decision.

That is their excuse for keeping the tap open and the flow of immigrants from these countries coming.

They are playing with fire.

The US must be smart about who we allow into the country. The UK sure wishes they would have been when they had the chance.

It’s too late for the UK. The US still has time.



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