TREY’s TAKE: Donald Trump Will Be Elected Today – Or Will He?

“I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary, but the more these whiny-ass liberals cry about the results, the more they push me to Trump.”

“He must be the real deal if they are this freaked out about him.” –┬áCaller Bill on the Trey Ware Show

Today is the day the Electoral College will vote Donald Trump in as 45th President of the United States.

Or will they?

The pressure from Democrat operatives and Trump haters has been tremendous.

Electors report receiving thousand of emails, snail mail, and phone calls to their private numbers. Some ask them to save the country by voting for someone other than Trump. Some threaten to kill them and their families if they vote for Trump.

The Democrat controlled media is campaigning hard during their newscasts for a delay in the vote.

Michael Moore and others promise disruptions to the process.

And on it goes….

In accordance with our Constitution, sworn electors will gather in their respective states to relay the votes of the people they represent.

Trump received 306 of those votes on November 8th. It takes 270 to become President.

Will the electors do their duty and elect Trump? Only in extremely rare occasions have electors gone rogue and not voted for the person to whom they are pledged.

If today is a “normal” electoral college day Donald Trump will be elected.

But then again, there’s absolutely nothing “normal” about politics in 2016.

The EC vote is to be certified by Congress on January 6, 2017. That is when we will get another earful from anti-Trump members of Congress.

Stay connected and we will keep you updated….



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