TREY’s TAKE: Gov Abbott Sets The Record Straight

Many questions have been raised about the role of the National Guard since the President announced he was pressing them into service at the border.

Governor Greg Abbott came on my show yesterday morning to answer those questions.

You can hear the entire interview here.

The Governor indicated the National Guard might be there “for the long haul,” and that this effort is part of President Trump’s campaign promise to do a better job of “securing the border.”

Abbott told me the Guard would be there to provide support (to the Border Patrol) so there would be “more Border Patrol boots on the ground actively engaged in the apprehension process.”

And, although the Guard would be armed, they will not be “showing up with military bayonets trying to take on anybody’s coming across the border.” Rather, the Governor told me, the Guard would be armed for “self-defense.”

Sig Christenson of the San Antonio Express News is one of the finest military writers in America. Read his break down of my conversation with the Governor here.



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