TREY’s TAKE: Happy Kindness Day!

For several months, 5 year-old William Evertz, Jr. fed chickens and ducks at his home to earn an allowance which he faithfully saved.

He wanted to buy a Power Wheels police cruiser. You see, William’s dream is to one day become a police officer. He says, “I want to be a police officer, they keep us safe.”

As the time drew near for young William to buy his battery-power police cruiser, he had a change of heart. He decided to do something else with his hard-earned money.

He asked his mom to take him, and his money, to a nearby Subway. A little while later William and his mother arrived at the Winslow Police Department with lunch for the entire department.

William walked in the front door with the food and balloons and declared it “Happy Kindness Day.”

He handed a handmade card to the Chief which read: “I like police officers, and we thank you for keeping our town safe. Enjoy your day!”

William also planned a day of kindness that included donating toys and school supplies to a Philadelphia domestic shelter and food and toys to an animal shelter.

“I got so much toys, I’m taking them to the kids,” he said.

I will give you a minute to wipe that tear from the corner of your eye.

This story is a timely reminder that there are great parents raising great kids today.

Oh and by the way, William got his Power Wheels police cruiser.

The Winslow PD took up a collection, bought the car, and delivered it to him in their own cruisers with lights and sirens full on.

Way to go Winslow PD!

Anytime a kid does something great let’s call as much attention to it as possible. That way others might be encouraged to do great things too…

Like live everyday like it’s, “HAPPY KINDNESS DAY!”






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