TREY’s Take: Here’s How Council and Commissioners Court Got It Wrong

It’s the same ole same old in SA and Bexar county politics. Nothing will change as long as the same people are running the show. Good ole boy back-room politics with no input from the citizens.

The latest case in point is the decision of council and the court to join the lawsuit against SB4.

Neither had public meetings to hear from San Antonio or Bexar County citizens to determine whether or not they supported joining radical groups in their lawsuit against the state.

Why do that? Why waste time listening to citizens? We need to “make a statement” right now the royals roared during their meetings.

Besides, everyone knows elected officials are smarter than the lowly subjects who continue to elect them.

Mayor Ivy Taylor and Commissioner Kevin Wolff were the lone voices of reason. Both preferred a more reasonable approach.

During his rant on the issue Judge Nelson Wolff said, “Everybody seems to forget where in the hell they came from. We’re all immigrants in this country, all of us are,” his voice rising with emotion, “Except for the Native Americans … we all immigrated here.”

Uh – nope.

I was born in the downtown Baptist Hospital. That makes me a citizen not an immigrant.

The Judge isn’t an immigrant either.

We are a nation of citizens.  C-I-T-I-Z-E-N-S

All others are guests.

Some guests are in good standing. That means they followed the law. Lawful guests are welcomed with open arms and a smile!

A guest may become a citizen. All they need to do is follow the law and become a citizen.

Until they do they are guests.

To their shame the politicians are clouding the issue by claiming racism and profiling. This has nothing to do with ethnicity. Either you are a citizen or a guest.

I’m quite sure if the Judge were to happen upon someone in his home whom he did not know or invite he would probably say something like, “Who the hell are you?” and “What the hell are you doing in MY house?”

That’s why his home (and most others) have doors. Homeowners have the right, and responsibility, to control who comes into their home.

In the same way the state has every right to ask that same question of all visitors. Who are you, and why are you here?

That’s simple enough. Even for us lowly subjects to understand.



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