TREY’s TAKE: Hillary’s Lips Are Moving and You Know What That Means

Last week the Clinton-friendly media spent most of their time covering a controversy of their creation about Donald Trump and the GOP.  We incessantly heard what a terrible person he is, and how his party is in total disarray.

This will be how it goes until November.  The liberal lap-dog media is without credibility. Just Google the video of Wolf Blitzer and his CNN colleagues drinking champagne and dancing in the CNN booth the night Hillary was nominated.

Meanwhile, little time nor attention was given to Hillary telling the American people that the FBI Director actually said she told the truth about her email server.

He did not because she did not.

When it became obvious this lie was going to be a little tougher for her to squeeze by the rest of us she decided to use one of her favorite tactics – nuance.

When her line was debunked for the umpteenth time she said,  “I may have short-circuited (her answers), and for that I will try and clarify.”

Short-circuited?  What does THAT mean?

Either you told the truth or you lied.  There is no shade of grey.  No nuance.

Truth or lie.  No shorted-out circuits.

I was reminded of another time (there have been many) when Hillary used sleight of mouth about her dangerous email practices.  It came during the last press conference she has held in which she took questions from reporters in August of 2015.

Side note – AUGUST 2015!  She hasn’t answered reporters’ questions at a press conference since then!  Another topic for another day.

During that press conference Hillary was asked repeatedly if she tried to wipe her personal server.

“I don’t — I have no idea, that’s why we turned it over,”  the “most qualified person” to ever run for President replied.

“What, like with a cloth or something? … I don’t know how it works digitally at all.”

“Short-circuited” answers.

“I have no idea” untruths.

“Like with a cloth or something?” conceited retorts.

“I don’t know how it works.” and how dare you ask me.

I guess the media had it right after all to focus on the GOP disarray because there was no news in Hillary’s answers. We’ve come to expect it from her.



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