TREY’s TAKE: Julian Just Said The Trump Administration Is The “Most Corrupt…”

After giving a speech in New Hampshire this weekend, former SA Mayor Julian Castro appeared on C Span Tuesday in his continuing effort to raise his national awareness as he is a probable candidate for the 2020 Democratic Presidential contest.

Castro called the Trump administration, “the most corrupt we’ve had in a long, long time.” (Julian has a short memory – he was in the Obama administration alongside Hillary Clinton)

The former HUD Secretary said President Trump is “taking the country backward.”

He says he hasn’t made up his mind yet about a bid for the big chair, but that he would decide “soon.” (Wink wink he’s in)

Mr. Castro apparently doesn’t like the way President Trump is asserting American power abroad, and he says he would be “less forceful” in his foreign policy. He called his plan to deal with the world’s bad actors “soft power.”

What are the chances the SA City Council’s decision to not offer the GOP a bid for it’s 2020 convention has a lot to do with this? Do you think they (council) going to allow Donald Trump, or any Republican, to be nominated in Julian’s backyard?



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