TREY’s TAKE: KTSA Political Analyst Gets Right To thePoint

A voice long familiar KTSA listeners is digging deeper and getting to thePoint on today’s issues.

Jonathan Gurwitz, a guy I call ‘The Smartest Man in Texas’, just launched a new online video feature called thePoint.

Every month, Jonathan, VP at KGBTexas Communications, will utilize his vast experience as a journalist in a fast-paced five minute format, as he sits down with the people making news in San Antonio and gets to thePoint.

Jonathan told me, “There’s a lot going on in San Antonio, and we’re going to talk about it all, face to face with the news makers in short segments online.”

Gurwitz says, “Consider it a social media supplement to the great commentary you hear on KTSA.”

I know Jonathan well. This show is gonna rock.

Check it out at here on the KGBTexas Facebook page. Enjoy!



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