TREY’s TAKE: The LATEST on the Comey Firing is HERE

From the “What took you so long?” file…

In a January 13, 2017 Washington Post story many Congressional Democrats called for FBI Director James Comey to resign. They said they didn’t like the way he was handling the Trump/Russia investigation, and that he was the principle cause of Hillary’s loss to Trump in November.

“Resign NOW,” they bellowed.

And just two weeks ago Hillary directly blamed him for her loss. He and all men everywhere.

Now that he’s been fired by President Trump the Democrats don’t want him to go. They are calling his firing outrageous as they make their Nixon/Watergate comparisons. (Nixon never fired his FBI Director. Bill Clinton did).

Don’t you just love political hypocrisy?

Comey was a big player in last year’s election by first providing damning evidence that Hillary should be prosecuted for her email shenanigans, and then he crossed the line from investigator to prosecutor and said he would not bring charges. That was not his decision to make, but I think it’s possible he was put in that position by his boss, AG Loretta Lynch.

I can imagine a conversation she might have had with Director Comey after the meeting on her airplane with “Grandpa” Bill Clinton. After looking at the pictures of Bill’s grand kids she may have said to the Director, “You go out there and tell the world we are not going to prosecute Hillary – and say it’s your decision.”

In his letter to the current AG, his assistant Mr. Rosenstein said, “I cannot defend the handling of the conclusion ¬†of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgement that he was mistaken.”

Rosenstein went on to say Comey was wrong to “usurp” the AG’s authority on the issue.

Unless she ordered him to. But that’s merely my speculation (and not an excuse for him).

Now, President Trump has a proverbial hot potato on his hands. Both Democrats and Republicans are calling for an independent investigation into the Russia/US election charges.

The Democrats in particular will never accept the findings of anyone Mr. Trump appoints.

Meanwhile, some Republicans are very happy with this decision, and see it as another way President Trump is “draining the swamp.”

And from the “timing is everything” department, President Trump and other administration officials will meet with the highest ranking Russian diplomat today at the White House.

More to come as this story continues to unfold. Stay connected right here for the latest.




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