TREY’s Take: Are Lawsuits Against The Air Force Imminent?

November 14, 2017

Reports are beginning to surface that indicate the surviving families of the Sutherland Springs mass shooting may be eligible to file lawsuits.

Don Christensen, former top prosecutor for the Air Force, believes it would be the biggest payout in the history of the Air Force.

There’s a thing called the doctrine of sovereign immunity which protects the government from many lawsuits, but those in the know say this would be different.

The gunman was convicted of domestic violence while in the Air Force. The Office of Special Investigations should have entered his info into the FBI database. The AF openly admitted that did not happen, and they are in the middle of an investigation to find out why not.

Christensen says the report is required by law, and it was foreseeable he would commit further acts of violence based on his past convictions.

The survivors must brings a claim against the Air Force. If that claim cannot be settled, then it could proceed to court.

I’m betting the Air Force opens the wallet and settles ASAP.



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