TREY’s Take: The Left Is Preaching Their “god” of Big Government

More details are coming out about the mass murderer who killed the innocent church-goers in Sutherland Springs.

Here’s a short list of what has been reported in the media:

  • He was suspended several times while in school
  • He was sent to an alternative school
  • He was locked-up in the brig for beating his wife
  • He hit his infant son hard enough to crack his skull
  • He abused his dog
  • He escaped from a mental-health facility
  • He attempted to smuggle weapons onto a military base
  • He made threats against his superiors
  • Police were called to his home numerous times
  • Police dismissed a domestic disturbance as “teenage drama”
  • Comal County Sheriff admits a sexual assault case against the killer was “mishandled” and there was no follow through
  • He sent “threatening” texts to his mother-in-law

We are told over his brief life the killer had numerous “contacts” with law enforcement and government authorities both civilian and military.

We are also told the Air Force admitted it did not report his court martial and conviction to the national crime database.

And yet, once again, the left wants MORE government control over guns in the hands of the good guys.

The left’s “god” is big government. They want more it to invade the lives of everyday law-abiding citizens.

Clearly, this isn’t an issue of NOT ENOUGH government, rather the issue is a failure of the “god” of big government.

Now, Democrat Poncho Nevarez now wants to pass a law which will make it harder for people with long guns to have them loaded while in public. He says, “We have this oddity here in Texas where you can walk around fully locked and load with a long rifle.”┬áHe added, “It needs to be not normal for someone to be running around with a long rifle.”

What?? What cave has this guy been in???

The killer was stopped by a good guy with a LONG GUN – A RIFLE!

The “god” of big government is NOT the answer.

The God of heaven is the only true God, and He is the only answer for the dark days in which we live.



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