TREY’s TAKE: Links To Truth About President Trump’s Non-Muslim Ban

If you have fallen into the trap of the Big media, and you are PO’ed that President Donald Trump banned “all Muslims” from entering the United States, please take your time and go through the links I have provided below. In them, you will find reality. Truth. Something CNN and other media bigs apparently don’t believe in anymore.

First, this is not a ban on “all Muslims” as has been often repeated on the media this weekend.

Second, most of these actions are based on Obama rules and orders concerning individuals from the countries named in the action.

Third, immigration from these countries was restricted by Obama until his last year in office when he threw open the floodgates.

Fourth, this action is far shorter than the order put in place by Obama.

Again, it is not a ban on “all Muslims.” In fact, there are more than 40 countries not listed in the action from which Muslims immigrate to the U.S. Travel from those nations has not been halted. Travel is only temporarily halted from those nations who are hotbeds of radical Islamic terror.

Here are the links. Please read and share this post with your friends:

David French National Review

John Hayward Breitbart

Daniel Horowitz Conservative Review




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