TREY’s TAKE: Look Up You’re Never Alone

After the loss of SA fire-fighter Deem, and the attack on children at a concert in England, I wanted to post this picture.

I call it HOPE.

You see, I don’t know what you are going thorough or dealing with right now, but I know you are.

Everyone is.

Some suffer in silence, like the parents of a wayward child, or the wife of an abusive alcoholic husband who doesn’t want to shame him by exposing his life.

Others are forced to deal with their pain publicly, like the family of SAFD veteran Deem, or the parents of the young concert goers in Manchester. Nancy and I have been there with the loss of our children and my father.

Pain is part of the human condition.

Family, relationships, loss of someone close, work issues.

Life. Is. Messy.

I took this picture as the sun was coming up in Vancouver, BC. I believe there are promises in a scene like this. For example, the promise of a new day. A fresh start. New opportunities. In a word – HOPE.

I love that word.

The greatest promise of all comes from the Creator of that scene. God is a loving God who cares about you and me. Otherwise, He wouldn’t take the time, care, and attention to detail to craft such a beautiful sky. Without His love for us, the heavens would be dull, drab, and grey.

And not only does He care for us, but consider the fact that if He is powerful enough to create such a beautiful sky, then I believe He is powerful enough to help us through our struggles and pain.

Hurt and pain are part of life on this planet. No one is guaranteed deliverance from the challenges that sometimes make life hard. Very hard.

But just one glance to the heavens reminds us we are never alone in the midst of heartache and pain.

Take another step. Never give up. Look up – you’re never alone.



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