TREY’s TAKE: A Looming Nightmare

When was the last time you renewed your driver’s license in-person?  What a freaking nightmare.  The lines.  The wait.  The cattle call in a room full of people coughing, sneezing, and talking loudly on their cell phones.

Then there’s all that great personal attention you received from the government employees who don’t even look at you while sternly instructing you to do this, that, or the other.

“Take a number and sit down,” barks the guy with the badge and gun.

Why is that?  Why are we treated like we are less-than human when we go to the DMV?

It’s the only game in town, baby.  They treat us that way because they can.  Where else are you going to go to get a driver’s license?  They can treat us any way they want because there is no competition.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could open a driver’s license business across the street and cover their customers up with all kinds of love?  DMV would get it together pronto.

Now on to the looming nightmare scenario.

Aetna insurance is joining UnitedHealth and Humana and pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges in most states.

As predicted, the death spiral of Obamacare is in full swing.  Older and sicker people are signing up for Obamacare MUCH more so than the young and healthy.  That means the insurance companies are losing hundreds of millions of dollars every quarter.  Up until recently, the shortages have been made up by you and me – the taxpayers, and most people have not had the increased costs passed on to them.

All that is changing.  The taxpayer subsidies of insurance companies are going away.  The insurance companies can’t afford to stay in the system, so they are getting out – FAST!

Obamacare was designed to wreck the private health insurance market to make way for single-payer, government run healthcare in the US.  The plan is working exactly how the devious designers planned.

As these companies bail our choices will be severely limited, and the remaining companies are already asking for double-digit rate increases to make up for losses. Private health insurance will soon become too expensive, and employers will start dumping employees on to what’s left of Obamacare.

That’s when the government will come riding in on their white horse to rescue us all.

Obama and Hillary are already talking about a government healthcare system to fill the void wherever private insurance had to abandon the market.  The plan is for a full takeover of health insurance in the US.

Where will that leave us all?  Yes all.

Go back to the beginning of this blog and re-read the nightmare scenario at the DMV.  That is exactly the experience that is coming to your healthcare once competition is removed and the government runs the entire system.

No competition equals crappy customer service. No competition equals no innovation, long wait times, and nameless bureaucrats deciding which doctor you will see and when.

Just imagine the DMV experience every time you visit the doctor.

Need more proof?

Take a walk around the corner and look at the government run education system in your neighborhood. How’s that working out?

Or how about the government-run welfare system?

I’ll stop there.

Competition makes everything better.

Midnight is coming and bringing with it the Looming Nightmare.




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