TREY’s TAKE: It Must Be Bad For This To Happen

Gov Greg Abbott has announced he is sending the in the troopers!

San Antonio has been enduring a rise in violent crime and gang activity. SAPD Chief McManus says this is a generational thing. Kids are growing up in gang families. He was asked at a presser yesterday which gangs have a big presence in SA and he said, “It doesn’t matter.”

The Gov is sending DPS trooper to help the city get a better handle of the violent crime and gangs that are ruling some streets.

Abbott is also sending in state air assets to provide round-the-clock air support.

It’s not clear how long they will be stationed here, but the Mayor says he appreciates the help.

It’s important to note that the SAPD and city did not request the help from the state, but the Gov said his top priority is the safety of all Texans.

We know violent crime is bad in SA. We know gang activity is off the charts. I just wonder if intelligence is telling them they need to prepare for something bigger.

I don’t know, but thank you Gov Abbott for recognizing there is a problem, and for lending a helping hand.



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