TREY’s TAKE: New Information In Deputy Involved Shooting of 6 year-old

I spoke with Bexar DA LaHood about the officer-involved shooting of 6 year-old Kameron Prescott. The DA said his investigators are not taking over the investigation, only coming along-side the current Sheriff to review their work, and make sure no stone is left “un-turned.”

The DA said although it’s unlikely, other agencies like the Texas Rangers or FBI could join later.

Meanwhile Sheriff Salazar said the suspect, Amanda Lene Jones, made threats at deputies as if she were armed, and flashed a gun at them several times that day.

The Sheriff also says they have spoken with a witness who says she heard Jones tell deputies, “I have a gun. I will shoot you.”

Sheriff Salazar said all four deputies had met the requirement of qualifying with their weapons this year.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking the public to reserve judgement until the investigation is complete, and all the facts are known. The Deputy Association President, Juan Contreras is asking the public to remain patient and, “let the process go through its course.”

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