TREY’s TAKE: No One Dies Alone. Read This If You’ve Ever Lost A Loved One

By: Trey Ware

February 5, 2017

Have you been with a loved one as they go through the process of passing from this life to the next? I have, and the post I am about to share with you from a retired RN is eerily similar to what I remember.

Being with someone you love as they pass has the tendency to fill you with many conflicting emotions. Overwhelming emotions.

No one wants to die alone, and if this post is true, no one does.

The retired cardiac nurse who wrote this post dedicated 40 years of her life to her profession. In that time, she saw everything one can imagine, and a few things one cannot.

She shares how the dying individual often sees deceased relatives or friends right before they go.

Sometimes there are conversations. Other times there are animated movements as the dying person seems to interact with unseen beings.

In the post, the nurse recounts conversations she had with her dying mother about conversations she was having with deceased relatives. She even indicated her dead husband was in the room, and he could see them.

Her mom would talk, listen, and talk again. She called it a “cohesive conversation.”

I have seen people interact with individual (s) or unseen entities as they were going through the process of passing on.

I have seen laughs, and heard muffled and mumbled words.

There are doubters who say this is all a result of medication. There is no one and nothing there, they say.

Read this post, and decide for yourself.

But, I believe – no one dies alone.



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