TREY’S TAKE: Not This Year

Here are some weather-related posts I’ve seen on social media lately:

“Well Texas has been talking about seceding – maybe we will just float away.”

“Oh Lord – not again!”

“This is absolutely crazy – I’ve never seen it like this.”

And finally one of my personal favorites…

“Go home Mother Nature – you’re drunk.”

Then there are the numerous memes, like the guy delivering Whataburger in a boat, or another riding a lawn mower through 3 feet of water saying, “I had to mow!”  One of the best pictures is the SRV statue in Austin with water up to Stevie’s feet.  It looks like he is walking on water.

I remember talking on my show several months ago about how El Nino was likely to make South Texas weather volatile.  That’s a good word to describe what we have been through lately.

As a result, we are no longer in drought conditions, the aquifer is loaded, the Canyon/Guadalupe outfitters are thrilled and looking forward to the season, and Medina Lake, (a once dried up bed of rocks), has come roaring back.

I know people who are dealing with hail and water damage, and they are none too happy about the recent storms.  I get that.  But on a positive note, it wasn’t that long ago we were hearing about how South Texas was changing and would soon join the desert southwest. 

Not this year.



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