TREY’s TAKE: Obama Keeps Cash Flowing To Iran

A few weeks ago the Obama administration admitted to sending the Iranians $400 million in cash on-board an unmarked U.S. cargo jet in the middle of the night. Admiral Kirby said the money was “leverage” for the release of hostages being illegally held by the terrorist regime.

As is usually the case, the administration lied and the truth is now coming out.

According to the Associated Press, the actual amount was $1.7 billion made in three installments via Swiss banks on January 17, January 19, and January 22 of this year.

FOUR TIMES the amount originally disclosed by the Obama Administration.  FOUR TIMES.

Cash. Untraceable. Easily funneled to Hezbollah or Hamas.

To make the payments President Obama raided the so-called Judgement Fund. It’s a little-known fund of your hard-earned money administered by the Obama Treasury Department which allows the President to send money to whom he chooses without congressional approval.

Obviously, his Iranian nuclear deal came at a high price. I’m afraid we won’t know the final price tag until the day Iran makes the announcement about their nuclear weapons.



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