TREY’s TAKE: Officer Copeland dressed in his uniform and body armor, and left his home – for the final time.


Yesterday was supposed to be San Marcos police officer Kenneth Copeland’s day off. The beautiful weather meant Officer Copeland could spend the day with his wife and four children – possibly doing some Christmas shopping.

But instead, the 19-year police veteran decided he would support his brother and sister San Marcos LEOs whom he knew were working short-handed.

He dressed in his uniform and body armor, and left his home – for the final time.

Police had received word that a man wanted for a violent crime was possibly in the El Camino Real subdivision in San Marcos. As of this writing we don’t know the man’s name or the crime for which the warrant was issued.

What we know is Officer Copeland joined a small number of LEOs and headed to El Camino to serve the warrant.

According to San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp, “Shortly after their arrival, it appears this individual began firing at the officers much like in an ambush-type situation.”

Officer Copeland was hit “several times,” and taken to a local hospital where he later died.

Every day, law enforcement officers willingly lay down their lives so that our society can be made safer.

Every day.

They are our blue line of protection.

Our lives are made safer by their selfless dedication. Period.

They all deserve our prayers, our respect, and our help when they need it.

Please pray for Officer Copeland’s wife and four children for God to manifest His presence and His peace in their midst.

Please pray for Officer Copeland’s brother and sister LEOs for God to circle them about with His angels and chariots of fire for their protection.

Please pray for God to grant wisdom to prosecutors and those in the legal system so that justice may be served quickly upon the individual who murdered officer Copeland.

Finally, please consider giving money to The 100 Club.

God bless you.



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