TREY’s TAKE: OK Hillary – You Get Rid Of Yours First

After the mass killing in Las Vegas left-wing radicals have again come out to demand “something be done” about guns.

None of them can actually pinpoint with any accuracy anything that could have been done to stop this murderous act from happening.

No matter. They just love to prey on the raw emotion of a nation in mourning over the loss of our fellow citizens.

They do it every time.

Shame on them.

It’s become rote and boring.

Gun grabbers have one focus, to disarm law-abiding US citizens.

They want to disarm the everyday person, while the ruling class maintains their formidable arsenals.

Study history.

Tyrants know they must disarm the population of their nation while maintaining the strong arm of weaponry at their disposal. That’s the only way they can control them.

There’s Bloomberg, Schumer, Kimmil, and a host of Hollywood elites.

Hillary Clinton is one of the worst. She cannot accept the fact that she will never be President of the US.

She is also a hypocrite.

The bodies were still on the pavement in Vegas when she started screaming for more gun control.

Par for her course.

Let’s make a deal, Hill. Fire all them boys with big guns, helicopters, and drones who follow you around everywhere you go in their black Suburbans all day everyday.

Level the playing field.

You give up your armed protection, and then we can then have a discussion about this issue from equal footing.

Until you do that, we have no reason to listen to you or any of your well-armed gun-grabbing buddies.



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