TREY’s TAKE: One Gentleman – One Bully

I was half-wrong when I made my Vp debate prediction.

I said BOTH men were gentlemen who would calmly discuss the issues facing America. Something that is sorely needed in our national discourse.

Only one of the debaters last night was a gentleman. The other was an obnoxious, rude, bully.

The moderator was barely there, but when she showed up it was to help the rude school boy further bully the gentleman.

Mike Pence is a true Christian gentleman. He calmly answered (when given the opportunity) the topic at hand.

Tim Kaine was a childish bully who interrupted Governor Pence around 70 times, and seized control of the debate from the moderator.

Kaine’s strategy was obvious. He wanted to intimidate Mike Pence into being a defender for Donald Trump.

Pence never took the bait. Only shaking his head in the Reagan, “there he goes again” style. He even said that.

Kaine was erratic – out of control. He was the kind of guy you don’t want anywhere near the nuclear codes, and with Hillary’s health in question, Kaine’s performance did nothing to reassure voters that he is ready to be “one heartbeat away from the Presidency.”

Mike Pence showed he is ready to be Commander in Chief today. Maybe someday he will get his chance.



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